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Package Information

Before trying to install, we strongly urge you to read and print a copy of the Shorewall QuickStart Guide for the configuration that most closely matches your own.

The documentation in both XML and HTML formats is available for download from the Download Sites listed below.

NOTICE: There are four current Shorewall Release Series:

For additional information, see this article about the Shorewall Release Model.

In Shorewall version 4.5.*, the common Shell libraries were segregated into a separate Shorewall-core package. With Shorewall 4.5 onward, there are six packages:

In Shorewall version 4.4.*, the Shorewall-common, Shorewall-shell and Shorewall-perl packages are discontinued and replaced with a single Shorewall package which combines the functions of Shorewall-common and Shorewall-perl. The shell-based compiler is retired. With Shorewall 4.4, there are five packages:

In Shorewall version 4.2.*, there are six packages:

To summarize:

Here are the installation instructions.

Distribution-specific Download Sites

Once you've printed the appropriate QuickStart Guide, download the appropriate Packages:

You will probably also want to download the HTML version of the documentation for easy reference.

Standard Download Sites

Use the sites below to download the tarball, the documentation and the standard RPM for SUSE (Beginning with Shorewall 5.0.10, the RPMs assume that systemd is used).

Packages are GPG signed and checksummed, please verify the integrity of the files using our public key

Note that each of the tarballs are available in both tgz and tar.bz2 compression format.

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